“One word – awesome! I CANNOT recommend this enough for kickstarting a healthier way of eating. I was sorry to see the last of my cashew milk on the final day of my 3 day reload program. It was SUPER moreish. I am 6lbs lighter; an inch slimmer around my middle; and bouncing around with even MORE energy than usual (my husband didn’t believe this was possible!!) Thank you Olivia x”

Mandy Bonhomme – Nutritional Therapist- Reload 3 Day Programme


“A first detox for me, expecting tantrums, energy dips and starvation but how wrong could I be?  Yummy shakes conveniently delivered to your door (and I will continue with the coconut juice) by the lovely Olivia, whose support and guidance is fantastic.  Easy to follow, with all the supplements your body needs I suffered no hunger pangs and literally feel brand new.  After a very heavy 6 weeks of holidays, work stress and entertaining I am alive and kicking!  Would say to even the most dubious, give it a go….if a foodie like me can do it, so you can you.  Best Tip – do the preparation.”

Belinda Wilby- Reload 3 Day Programme


“I signed up for the re-load programme to give my body a boost after a 6 week holiday; also hoping it will help kick start the weight loss I’m aiming for in time for my wedding. The first day was the hardest; just getting out of the habit of snacking was tricky.  Also the sheer volume of liquid was something that I struggled with – Olivia was great when I mentioned this and with encouragement I successfully managed to finish all drinks.  Day 2; I felt full of energy and my skin was noticeably clearer.  By day 3; any hunger pangs had gone and I was feeling the benefits of detoxing.  I’m now 6lbs lighter, not snacking and drinking two litres of water a day (which I used to struggle with, without squash).  My favourite juice was the morning Rise and Shine, the lovely Cashew Nut Milk in the evenings was also something to look forward to! Thanks Olivia, the daily emails were great as were the evening pep-talks when the juices were dropped off!”

Ellen Van Der Vliet- Reload 3 Day Programme


” This was my first detox, and my objective was to use it as a start to healthier eating, and shed a few extra pounds.  I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to function for three days, but I actually felt great energy levels and very clear headed, despite a busy schedule.  The juices were much more yummy than I expected, and Olivia’s instructions are very easy to follow.  Post detox, I am very pleased with the result, as I am not craving junk food, and I’ve lost four pounds.  Looking forward to doing it again in a few months!”

Michelle Carter- Reload 3 Day Programme


” I decided to attempt the 3 day Reload program with a couple of aims. Firstly, I wanted to kick start a new diet. Secondly I wanted to find motivation for the diet. Finally I wanted to change my habits when it comes to drinking water. Previously I was drinking less than half a litre most days. I found the detox not only easy to accomplish but very enjoyable. I was full of positive energy for the whole 3 days! I truly felt and still feel (a week later) totally fantastic! As for my aims; my new diet has been totally kick started and in the past week, including the 3 day detox I have lost 8lb! I have found it easy to make healthy choices since and am not feeling hungry or being overly focused on food like during previous diets. I am 100% motivated! And when it comes to the water, I am now drinking over 2 Litres a day without even realising. I enjoyed the detox so much that I hope to take on a 5 day program in the new year. Thank you Olivia.”

Stacey Nolan- Reload 3 Day Programme


“I would highly recommend this 3 day reload detox, it’s easy to follow and the support you get from Olivia is great. I feel fab and now only want to eat healthy foods. Definitely be doing this again.”

Vicky Lee- Reload 3 Day Programme


“We can’t recommend the Detox Delivery Company highly enough.  The whole experience – from the minute you sign up to the days afterwards – was thoroughly well thought out and supported, with daily emails to keep you motivated and get you through the tough times.  And it is tough make no mistake, solid amounts of will power are required during day 2, but the programme is so well organised that you know if you just keep following what Olivia has laid out for you then you will come out the other side a stronger and healthier person.  And by day 3 I was getting compliments on how well my skin was looking – what more motivation do you need than that! My favourite juice was the evening cashew nut milk – I’ll be substituting that for a bedtime hot chocolate in future!”

Shelley Humphrys & Neil Walker- Reload 3 Day Programme


“Just wanted to say how easy I found this programme to follow. The minute I started the detox my brain just seemed to switch off the part that wanted to eat rubbish.  I had no major withdrawal symptoms which really encouraged me to stick with it. Im very happy to say that I have lost 6.5lbs and feel I have slimmed down in unexpected places. I really feel full of energy now and the detox has put me back on the path of a nutritional diet. Olivia is absolutely lovely and so supportive. I highly recommend this plan to anyone who wants to give their well being a good old kickstart.”

Sharon Mclucas- Reload 3 Day Programme


“ If in doubt – do it! I did the 3 day reload programme. Before I started I was feeling bloated and fatigued, I needed something to give me a kick start. That it certainly did!

Day 1, generally felt fab, only slightly peckish and that was generally my queue to tackle the next bottle. 

Day 2, hump day! Tried to keep busy all day but felt a bit full and wasn’t particularly interested. Received fantastic support from Olivia that got me through!

Day 3, alive and kicking! Amazing energy and felt great. 

Loved the feeling of the detox, loved that it gave me the boost I needed to eat properly and healthily. Since then I have been 100% raw – mostly because that’s all I fancy! Energy levels remain high and I’m now seeing the difference in the skin – it’s glowing, everyone is commenting.  Already planning my next detox!”

Elizabeth Butler- Reload 3 Day Programme


“I gave my body the best birthday present ever last week. When I did the 3 day detox for the 1st time. Was I apprehensive? Oh yes! But there was really no need. Olivia’s knowledge of this natural ‘Inner Health Spa’ reassured & supported me all the way & the juices were very delicious.  It could’t have been easier & I was never hungry. During the 3 days I had so much more time by not shopping, preparing & cooking food. I learnt how many times in the past I had eaten out of habit & emotionally. I am so pleased that I decided to take Olivia’s advice & have Colonic Therapy beforehand & I am now on the  post detox nutritional support program for a month. Which I am finding life enhancing. My only question is “Why haven’t I done this before”? So I am looking forward to doing the detox again in due course.”

Until then….I’ll keep on juicing!

Sue Clayton- Reload 3 Day Programme


“I decided to do the three day detox with much trepidation even though I knew of the many health and nutritional benefits of juicing.  I have always loved my food and was worried that I would constantly be hungry and therefore moody with it!  However I didn’t find this at all. While I was never full I found that the juices kept me going and I didn’t even think about food or lack of.   I was very energetic which surprised me and the taste was lovely.   I lost about 3 kilos and my skin looked radiant.  I don’t think I would ever be able to do such a detox if I had to make the juices fresh every day myself so having Olivia deliver them each day is a god-send!  I have already signed up for the 5 day course and am really looking forward to it!”

Emma Kennedy- Reload 3 day Programme


” How to take a break a feel good! I was a virgin to detoxing and knew very little of it, but am now a huge fan! At first I just didn’t think it was for me and the thought of not having solid food scared me, but i absolutely loved it and felt so full and content all the way through!! I was surprised how filling the juices were and so delicious! The best thing about being on the detox though was how well I slept at night, I struggle sometimes, but I literally slept like a baby and woke up feeling so refreshed and full of energy. I miss that and its one of the main reasons I re booked! I started with a 3 day and then a few months later tried 5 days. The 5 days was obviously harder but by the end it was so worth it and I had a real sense of achievement having done something that before I never would have thought I would have. If you haven’t tried this already, do it, its 3 days out of your life, but so important. I now have a different view and attitude towards certain foods and meal portions. Its made me realise how wrong I was getting it before! Thank you Olivia for introducing me to something so vital! Please can I book again for another detox next month?!”

Zoe Horne- Reload 3 Day Programme


” The 3 day detox was much easier than I thought it would be.  I envisaged that I would feel terrible and very hungry but in fact this was not the case.  Although I did feel hungry at times, it was always around the time that I was due my next juice which filled me up again.  By day 2, I was feeling fantastic and with much more energy than I thought I would have.  Day 3 was certainly the hardest for me but I did feel at the end that I probably could have gone on even longer.  The juices were nice and the whole presentation of the packs received each day and the support by email and face to face makes this detox great for first timers like me.  I would highly recommend.”

Vicky Mills- Reload 3 Day Programme


“After having completed the seven day detox I have lost weight and have got far more energy. It is definitely an excellent way to kick start a new healthier lifestyle. Having the juices all prepared and delivered to your door makes such a difference and the different juice drinks ensure that you don’t feel hungry. All in all a great week’s work!”

Monica Dunlop- Rejuvenate 7 Day Programme


“I did the 3 day Reload Detox.  I can’t recommend strongly or highly enough the benefits, support or quality of service you receive.  Daily emails, pep talks, the complete package delivered to your door.  I found day one the hardest, the sheer volume of liquid was hard for me to manage, but after a little chat with Olivia and supportive encouragement, meeting the challenge was almost fun!  Not once did I feel hungry, I lost 6lbs in 3 days.  Following the post detox advice has helped to prolong the benefits.  It really was a chance to reset, take some me time and relax.”

Jodi Fowler- Reload 3 day Programme


“The juices tasted really good and fresh and although the coconut milk is an acquired taste; I grew to like it. I also always looked forward to the cashew milk like it was a treat at the end of the day. I didn’t once feel hungry (and I have a big appetite!), managed to fit it into a busy day and lost 6lb. I’ll be doing it again when things have calmed down at work and home!”

Marc Harris- Reload 3 Day Programme


“Just wanted to say the Detox is now complete and I LOVED it! I feel amazing, I’ve definitely lost weight (but haven’t weighed yet), I feel energised, focused and very pleased that I managed to stick to it perfectly. I would also like to book in for a five day Detox programme soon!”

 Nicola PR Consultant- Reload 3 Day Programme


I decided to complete Olivia’s three day reload detox program as felt like my eating habits needed changing and I needed something to kick start that change. I was feeling bloated, sluggish and I lacked energy so three days of juicing was just what I needed. The juices arrived on Monday morning, just as Olivia said they would, and I kicked off the program with the delicious Risk & Shine juice. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! What a way to start a Monday. My work colleagues were tres jealous! Everyone should start their Monday with Olivia’s juice in my opinion.

I followed the juice timetable strictly, as Olivia directed, as well as body brushing twice daily and bathing in Epsom salts. I have to stay I found it hard, I have a big appetite as I’m a runner so not eating for 72 hours was tough and I was surprised that I was still hungry by day three, although I’m not sure if that was my mind telling me I was or my tummy? I struggled with energy too, I had none,  I felt weak but all my senses were heightened. However, by day four, (the day after my detox ended) all those symptoms went and I woke feeling incredible. I was light, bright and bounced out of bed. I decided on a breakfast of fresh mango and a herbal tea which I thoroughly enjoyed and my healthy eating continued throughout the day and has done since the detox. I lost 5lbs over the three days, which I know I will put back on, but what the program has done is really make me think about my food choices. We really really are what we eat and now that I feel so totally awesome, I really don’t want that muffin and cappuccino. Why undo all that hard work, my clothes fit nicely, my skin looks fab and I’m sleeping like a baby. I seriously would wholeheartedly recommend Olivia’s reload program. Its hard work, and whilst I appreciate everyone’s detox will be different as our bodies will react differently, I seriously believe it does you the world of good. As a juicing virgin, I am also completely sold on adding juices into my diet, I really am going to have a go at making Olivia’s cashew milk juice. I could have drank it all day. It was fab. Overall, great program, which I will do again one day. Thanks Olivia.”

Joanna Le Couilliard- Reload 3 Day Programme


I was really impressed with the quality of your product, the information provided, support and responsible recycling.”

Emma Menzies- Reload 3 Day Programme


I have always wanted to do a detox but there has never been anything in Jersey I thought I could stick to.  I am far too disorganised to make up my own juices, and it is expensive to buy good quality fruit and vegetables and all the supplements you need to do it properly and safely. Detox Delivery is very easy, and you have a step by step guide to keep with you.I am a sucker for great packaging and presentation, and Detox Delivery does not disappoint.  The service was also excellent and Olivia is very supportive throughout the programme. The benefits are made obvious quickly, my skin glowed and I lost 4lbs, which a week later I still have not put back on. The side effects I experienced were a little hunger and a little irritability, which is why I would advise you listen to the advice given by Detox Delivery of using the supplements, as these can help with this.  Also plan to do the detox on a week where you have less in your diary than usual.  I will be trying to do this once every month from now on.”

Suzy Hughes- Reload 3 Day Programme


“I enjoyed the detox and felt I needed it after a good few of years of neglecting my general  health and diet, beginning  from my student days.  I chose the three day detox. I  started off well but by the third day(Wednesday) I was struggling a bit  and caved in to a meal in the evening  as i started feeling a bit dizzy and had a pounding headache but by the next day  felt great and for a couple of days after.  The juices tasted great and Olivia was very helpful.  I recommend it to anyone  and I will be repeating it  soon.”

Thanks again Olivia , my wife also thanks  you as she didn’t have to cook for 3 days!!

Bob Pangali- Reload 3 Day Programme


“For someone who hates smoothies and milkshakes/ lumpy drinks this was a great fear/ obstacle to overcome – knowing i would have nothing else for 3 days! Olivia delivered my drinks to me every morning and made it very clear what i had to do and the benefits this was having on my body. It really made me get up and tackle completing it every day knowing it was making me healthier and stronger. For the 3 days i can honestly say i was only hungry once on the 2nd day of detox and i just had extra water and drank my juice and it filled me up totally. It really is mind over matter – but it is so worth it!

I am now day 2 post detox and have loads of energy, sleeping better and feel much more focused, it has been a real kick start to a healthier way of life, because although I workout regularly and have a reasonable diet – like many people I was addicted to Tea and biscuits as a pick me up or even worse instead of lunch!

It was the best thing i have ever done for my body and feel lighter and my stomach is remarkably flatter than before, i can whole heartedly recommend this as a jump start to a healthy state of body and mind! If i can do it anyone can!”

Emily Bell- Reload 3 Day Programme