Pre Cleanse

Try to follow the steps below for three to five days prior to the cleanse. You may find that your body will detox more easily with less side-effects. However everyone detoxes differently so this may not be the case for each individual.

1. Introduce a glass of warm water with sliced lemon first thing in the morning. This enables your digestive system to flush out unwanted toxins and boost your immune system.
2. Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated. Aim for two litres per day.
3. Reduce your daily intake of caffeine, any processed foods, dairy, sugary drinks, alcohol, carbohydrates and red meat.
4. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, raw greens and fresh juices should be substantial part of your diet.
5. Try to avoid large quantities of food the day before you start detoxing as this may increase any initial side-effects.
6. It is essential that you mentally prepare your mind and body for the challenge ahead. Remind yourself that this is going to be a chance to RESET and RESTART your eating habits.

During Cleanse

1. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water/ herbal teas will ease cravings and any side-effects.
2. Dry brushing with the brush provided before showering will help to stimulate your metabolism and detoxify your body.
3. Rest….listen to your body
4. If possible this is the best time to indulge in a full body massage or meditation. Your senses are very stimulant during a detox so this can be very beneficial to the body as it tries to eliminate toxins.
5. Elimination- I would highly recommend a colonic or enema during the programme as a gentle and safe way to permanently remove the toxins from your body. Enema kits can be provided on request. If you are not ready for this just treatment just yet rest assured the extra supplements you are taking during your cleanse will assist with this. Details of recommended colon hydro-therapists can be obtained on request.
6. Hot epsom salt bath will aid the elimination of body toxins, relieve muscle tension, and ease stress. This may make you feel light headed so please listen to your body and only do so if you feel up to it.
7. If you exercise regularly I would recommend reducing this to gentle cardio such as walking or relaxing yoga which will keep your circulatory system moving.
8. Natural boost: if you are feeling low and sluggish try adding a pinch of sea salt to your herbal tea.
9. Clear your schedule: try and support your cleanse by freeing up as much “you time” as possible. Everyone’s body detoxes differently and having flexibility in your schedule will help you stay in tune with your body and allow you to enjoy the process.

Post Cleanse

Now all the hard work is over hopefully you can feel a difference in yourself. Your mind, body and energy levels should be feeling revived. The most important thing at this stage is to not completely splurge on your favourite foods. Your stomach would have shrunk considerably during the detox. It really is a case of “the more you eat the more it will grow”!
I would therefore recommend slowly introducing certain food groups back into your diet to maximize the effects of the detox.
Stick to lots of raw fresh fruit and veggies and continue to have as many fresh juices as possible. For the first three days post cleanse try and avoid any red meat, processed foods and carbohydrates. These can be slowly introduced after the third day in small quantities. This is especially important for those of you who have completed the 5 or 7 day programmes.
Going forward I would recommend sticking to whole grains and trying to reduce your intake of cow’s milk (try goats, almond or rice milk as replacements).
Remember to chew your food well as this will help your digestive process greatly and avoid indigestion.