“The story of the Detox Delivery Company is essentially the story of an idea –I guess you could say one of those “light-bulb” moments.
I recently moved over to Jersey having lived in London for most of my life where I was accustomed to a way of life that enabled nutritionally rich juices to be available to my doorstep daily. Working a fifty plus hour week in PR for a luxury shoe designer in London I often found myself unwell and lacking in energy I needed. As a result, door step detox programmes became an answer for me. The concept therefore of the Detox Delivery Company is that detoxing can be progressive and made more accessible to people on the island of Jersey.
My journey cleansing and juicing on a regular basis started almost eleven years ago now. Having traveled the globe I was fortunate to experience many different types of cleansing programmes from seven day fasting in South East Asia to rustic detox retreats in Devon. With a love of travel I drew inspiration from my own experiences and began extensive research to develop the brand now based in Jersey.
The Detox Delivery  Company is able to offer programmes that vary in intensity levels depending on ones dietary habits and history.
First time cleansers may wish to begin with the Reload 3 day programme and work themselves up to the 7 day Rejuvenate cleanse. Each programme has been specifically designed to make sure you get the most out of each cleanse, and love it so much you want to do it regularly!
I am passionate about the notion that juicing is much more than just a diet fad…..!