The Post Cleanse Nutrition Package – Making your juice detox work for you

Once you have completed your juice detox, you may feel you need additional support to help make some long-term practical changes to your diet. The detox was the first step to springboard you to a new level of health but often we need a helping hand to prevent us from slipping back into old less healthy habits. Change can be daunting however sometimes it can only take a few simple steps to transform your daily food routine and that’s where our Post Cleanse Nutrition Package comes in to help you make a fresh start. With good nutrition learn how to live a healthy vibrant life and allow your body to thrive rather than simply survive.

The Package

  • 4 weeks nutritional support to include:
  • 1 hour initial face to face consultation
  • 3 weeks online nutritional support

Clients are sent an individualised pack following the initial consultation depending on their food and health needs and then provided with fact / tip sheets and online support for the following 3 weeks. Each week has a specific focus and the fact sheets provide practical ideas and recipes showing you how to fill your diet with nutritious foods rather than focusing on foods to eliminate or cut out. You will be encouraged to continue juicing and shown how to incorporate the weekly recommendations into your daily routine. The post cleanse nutrition package has been designed to take your regular day to day diet onto a new level; one that will provide your body with all the nutrients and foods needed tomaximise energy, to enable you to thrive and feel fantastic.

Topics covered:

  • Going Green – practical ways to get greens into your diet
  • The Grainy Truth – learn which grains are healthy and how to restructure your diet to include healthy grains
  • Vegetable therapy – fall in love with colour and learn new inventive ways with veggies
  • Wise Fats – making fats work for your body
  • Drink Nutrition – how to use your drinks as a fantastic nutrients source
  • Strong from within – building and supporting strong immune and digestive systems


A word about us…..

Mandy Bonhomme and Jennifer Moore have come together to provide this bespoke support service so that you can continue feeling the amazing benefits after your detox and continue your health journey. We believe that we are designed to sparkle in life and not trudge through merely existing. Our aim is to inspire and support you to make the changes necessary to make a lasting difference to your life and overall health.

Mandy has worked as a nutritional therapist and movement specialist for 20 years and Jennifer is a holistic health coach and natural food chef working in the Island.

To book one of the limited spaces please contact: / or leave a message 879657