t takes roughly ten hours for most people’s bodies to eliminate one meal. With that time frame in mind and the reality that most of us consume three meals per day (not to mention the additional snacks) your digestive system is working pretty much round the clock! This digestive process puts added pressure on our bodies natural energy source as a result.

Detoxing therefore is an ideal way to give our bodies a well-deserved break whilst keeping ourselves energized and nutritionally fulfilled, helping us to improve our overall health and wellbeing. This process gives you a heightened sense of connection with yourself making you feel clearer, sharper and revitalized.

As the body detoxifies it sheds excess weight that it has held onto. The nutrients consumed in the juices are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream, much faster than from eating solid foods. This express service is what makes raw juice detoxing such an influential detoxifier. With a clearer mind-set towards your diet this will enable you to step away from your usual eating habits, making you more aware of what you put into your body, as this is often the major reason that so many of us gain weight and lose energy.

It’s a chance to reset and restart.